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Battle Map for iPad

Turn your iPad into a RPG virtual tabletop!

Battle Map helps you to quickly and easily create high quality maps for your pen & paper RPGs – and travel through them as your group adventures!

  • Make Beautiful Maps. Draw by simply dragging your finger – Battle Map will take care of the rest and complete the edges to make your map look amazing.
  • Create Your Adventure. Choose from a library of objects to add to your maps, such as monsters to fight, treasure to find, hidden traps, and openable doors.
  • See Like a Character. Battle Map can display the map bit by bit as players explore, and reveal tiles based on line of sight and illumination.
  • Connect to a Projector. You can connect your iPad to an external projector or monitor to make your adventures even more thrilling.

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Update: 1/16/2013

Battle Map 2 is feature complete and available to purchase on the app store today! Download your copy today! Note: this is a free upgrade for existing Battle Map customers.


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