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Battle Map 2

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a RPG virtual tabletop!

Battle Map 2 helps you to quickly and easily create high quality maps for your pen & paper RPGs – and travel through them as your group adventures!

  • Make Beautiful Maps. Draw by simply dragging your finger – Battle Map will take care of the rest and complete the edges to make your map look amazing.
  • Create Your Adventure. Choose from a library of objects to add to your maps, such as monsters to fight, treasure to find, hidden traps, and openable doors.
  • See Like a Character. Battle Map can display the map bit by bit as players explore, and reveal tiles based on line of sight and illumination.
  • Connect to a Projector. You can connect your iPad to an external projector or monitor to make your adventures even more thrilling.
  • Print your Maps. Battle Map 2 can print over the air to any AirPrint compatible printer, or export a high quality PDF to print to-scale maps suitable for use on the tabletop.
  • Play Online. In Battle Map 2 you can share your map over the network – a great way to increase the group interaction or play online with Skype!

Still want to know more? Watch the video or check ot the FAQ below!

Battle Map 2 FAQ

When Will Battle Map 2 Be Released?

We’re happy to announce that at long last, Battle Map 2 is now available on the App Store! Click the link below to check it out!

Do Previous Battle Map 1 Customers Get a Discount?

We are tremendously grateful to the customers of Battle Map 1 for your support, and for your patience during the long Battle Map 2 development process.

To thank you for all of your support, existing Battle Map 1 customers will get Battle Map 2 for free!

Even though Battle Map 2 is a complete rewrite of Battle Map 1, instead of releasing Battle Map 2 as a new app, we are still going to release it as a free update in order to reward our loyal customers.

We really hope you enjoy, and thank you again!

How Does Online Play Work?

When you create an online game in Battle Map 2, the person who creates the game is the Game Master, and those that join the game are the players.

The Game Master chooses the map from his collection and can see and edit the entire map, while players can only see what is visible in Player mode and move tokens.

Online play in Battle Map 2 is intended for existing gaming groups that already know each other (not matchmaking with random people over the Internet).

There are two main use cases for Battle Map 2 Online play:

  • Gaming group in a room. This will make gaming in-person with Battle Map even better, because the GM can design the map on his own device, while still allowing players the ability to move their tokens themselves and have their own personal view. You don’t even need a projector!
  • Gaming over Skype. Online play with Battle Map 2 is also great for groups who play over Skype. Everyone can have a view of the map in their hand, while the GM modifies the map in real time!

Online play in Battle Map 2 is completley free (subject to enough funds to keep the servers running!)

How Does the Battle Map Store Work?

In Battle Map 2 we are introducing a new Battle Map 2 store where you can buy optional add-ons to Battle Map such as extra tokens or backgrounds.

Don’t worry, this does not mean we will forsake the free token/background collection. We will continue to expand our free token/background set, the store is meant to be more “premium” artwork by guest artists or tokens for non-fantasy setting types (space, modern, etc.).

We hope you enjoy the store, and we would love to hear from you if you have any requests for what you would like to see in the store in the future!

Online Help

If you have any other questions about what features Battle Map 2 has or how things work, check out our online help!

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about Battle Map 2 that we did not cover here, please contact us directly.

We hope you enjoy Battle Map 2, and that you have many great adventures ahead!