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Battle Map 2

The ultimate map maker just leveled up!

Battle Map 2 is a complete rewrite of its predecessor, Battle Map 1, released as a free upgrade to Battle Map 1 customers!

Battle Map 2 introduces the following features:

  • Interface and performance. A completely new interface and smooth and streamlined performance, even with large maps!
  • High quality PDF export. Send your maps to friends for play by email games, or print them out to play on the table!
  • Online play. Players can connect to your game and move their tokens on with their own iOS devices! Also great for Skype games.
  • And much more! Retina support, iCloud support, fantasy background music, and premium token and background packs! Learn more…

Wild Fables

One day… the fables came to life!

Don’t just read a story, play along! Save a lion, leap for a grape, with interactive physics! Learn more…

Math Ninja

Math just got a whole lot cooler.

Math Ninja is a game that makes practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fun! Learn more…

Level Me Up!

Level up your real-life skills!

List your real-life skills in your own personal character sheet, gain experience, and level up over time!

RPG Calc

A calculator with D20’s!

A calculator designed for pen & paper RPG players. You’ll be the fastest dice roller in your party!

Instant Poetry

Create your own beautiful poetry!

Have fun creating your own beautiful and amazing poetry! Pop some words and arrange them to a masterpiece.